Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Birds think its the Ritz Carlton - DIY Lamp ReVamp

We have all seen these 1970's hanging lamps or we even have one stuck in the very back corners of our basements. Well this is a product of my husbands creative brain at work of turning what was once an eye sore into something useful and lovely. :) I cant take any credit for this at all, and when he first told me what he was doing I thought he was going to the birds.. hahaha But our little woodland creatures LOVE it. It also seems to be hail, squirrel, and big bird proof (jays, black birds, magpies etc...) He took out all the electrical, plugged the holes left by that and stuck rubber stoppers under the glass to lift it enough for the seed to be gravity fed. We decided not to paint it as it blends nicely into its surroundings, but did seal it with 3 coats of outdoor sealer. Hope you enjoy.

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