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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Acrylic portrait step by step African child

I haven't been painting alot for a few months now, but i have 4 small open ended paintings that have been ordered and need to finished in time for Christmas. I usually don't take orders this late in the season, but the same client does this to me every year and makes it worth my while .. lol So in order to get back in the swing of things I did this very loose 2hr portrait of a little african boy. This little man was done on an 8 * 10 canvas board and just 5 colors UMB, alizarin crimson, yellow ochre, and black and white. Hope you enjoy.
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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Little Boy Watercolor Portrait demo

One of my students have asked me to post the demo that I did for a workshop on portraits from last week. This is a 2 hour painting (including dry time) using a limited pallette of quin gold, aliz crimson, Ultramarine blue, Burnt Sienna and Burnt Umber.  Stage 1: Mask out any highlights or if you are really confident you can paint around them. Due to the small size of this little man I masked.
Stage 2 Sunshine : Wet your paper into the hairline, background, even the whites of the eyes. Wait until the sheen is gone from the paper and start dropping in your mid mix of quin gold. I love this color for 2 reasons. 1 it lifts easy, which comes in handy when laying down your road map  and 2 it adds your sunshine.   DRY
Stage 3 I added a little BS and BU just to place a few darks in the eyes and hair. DRY Then mix up a light mix of aliz crimson. This is a high power, staining color and should be used with care. It is way easier to add color then to take it away. Wet his little face again and start adding your turning points, this would be around the outside of the face, the side of the nose... the warm shadows on the facial planes.  If you are finding that your paper is starting to get to dry, STOP, walk away and let it dry. If you overwork the skin will start to get streaky, and on a child that looks pretty garish. :0 You can always glaze in more color later

Stage 4: I added some more darks to the eyes. I also went back in and strengthened the red/oranges a little.

Stage 5: This stage was done in 2 parts. The background was first wet and a little of the blue color was dropped in. The light is coming in from the viewers left and there is a bright hightlight on the side of the face and top of head. So by adding the darker value around that area it will help to pop it later. DRY  I also went in and started adding a few darks to his jacket. I am working a little more of a wet on dry at this point, as I need to control how far the paint moves.  Some shadow colors were around his eyes, chin, right side of his face, dont forget the little divot under his nose and a little shadow under his nose to make it pop out a bit. DRY  He is really starting to look human now.

Stage 6: Final adjustments were made to his face before adding just a simple hairline and a hint of clothing. Hope you enjoy.  
Untitled portrait
4.5 * 4.5 inch
watercolor on 140lb Arches

Monday, March 5, 2012

Tibetan Child

It is snowy and blustery and generally gross outside so I thought I would get this weeks painting polished up and posted. This handsome tibetan child is featured in his traditional garb which adds a huge pop of color to an otherwise dull painting. He measures 4.5 * 5.5 inch and painted on 140lb CP arches. Hope you enjoy. :)

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Rosie limited palette watercolor portrait

This is from my little bin of "it is starting to fall apart, so I will put it away for a later day." LOL I dont put alot of pieces in the big round "bin" because my husband just rescues them for his stash anyways. HAHAHAHA This is another watercolor portrait of a child using a limited color palette for her skin tones and just bumping up the color in the hair.
Anyways here is this weeks project "Rosie"

2.5 * 3.5 inch
watercolor on 140lb CP Arches

Have a Happy Day :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

I apologize for my absence

Ive been gone forever it feels like. Around Halloween I started feeling a little run down and didnt really thing about it - I have kids, lol. And over the past 3 years I have lost close to 60lbs, once again didnt think anything of it, isnt that what we all want. lol But at Christmas it got to the point that I thought I should go see a doc. Which has now resulted in being booked in for 2 surgeries in the next few months. Not cool! But at least I know it is not all in my head. So if I am away for longer burst in the next few months, please bare with me. I will be back. :)
Needless to say I havent been doing alot of anything but resting. But in the few good hours that I have had in the last few weeks, I did whip up this precious little babe.
2.5 * 3.5 ACEO
Watercolor on 140lb CP Arches

Happy Creating

Friday, December 2, 2011

Girl in White - Watercolor Portrait Mini Demo

Hope everyone is having a good week. I just got this one completed this morning and couldnt wait to share it.
ATC 2.5 * 3.5 inch
Watercolor on 140lb CP Arches
Hope you enjoy

Monday, November 28, 2011

Girl In Red - Watercolor ACEO

This weeks new release. This is portrait # 8 from my children from around the world series.

Artist Trading Card 2.5 * 3.5 inch Watercolor on 140lb CP

Thursday, November 24, 2011

ACEO Girl in Braids - Watercolor portrait painting

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American Friends and Family!
Im a little disapointed in myself. While I was trimming this piece the blade slipped and now it is a touch smaller than an aceo. So now she measures 2.25 * 3.5 inch  watercolor on 140lb CP arches SOLD
Hope you enjoy

Monday, November 21, 2011

Shy Mexican Girl - Watercolor ACEO portrait

She is part of my children from around the world portrait collection. 2.5 * 3.5 inch was painted using artist grade watercolors on 140lb CP Arches paper.
Hope you enjoy

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Watercolor portrait tutorial - Girl in Pink

Wow it has been a long time since I have done one of these little tutorials/ paint alongs. Yesterday I thought I would paint up a little girl. I had no real person in mind, I just started with a basic line drawing getting her perspectives down and picking out my pallett of hmmm.... lets see... quin gold, perm red and cobalt blue, opera and i will toss a little burnt umber in at the end.
Lets start by wetting her face and dropping in some color to get a base of where we want to go with this. At this point I will be working with only my yellow and red remember to work around your lights.

Still working wet in wet and building up light layers of my yellow and reds all the time thinking about where the sun will hit her face. You will see I added just a dab of burnt umber to place the eyes. Dont forget to leave the highlights.

Continue building up your layers of sunshine, but now it is time to start thinking about how and where your facial structures recede. The eye sockets and sides of the nose the dip under her bottom lip the hollows of the cheeks and dont forget her temples. We can start adding our shadows into her layers. Work light!!! You can always add paint but it is Really hard to take it away.  

I wanted to get in my darks at this point, so I had to first pop in some background of perm red and cobalt. This will not be the final layer I juts needed something for her hair to sit on.  
Mix up some powerful mixes of Yellow, Red, Blue and Umber. She is backlit so remember to leave a couple wispy lights around her head working in some sunshine and then into your red and blues for your really darks. The umber I used is just enough to tone down a few areas but not enough to give an overall color. Remember if your values are correct it doesnt matter what colors you use. You will have to go back in at this point to make some final tweeks, but at this point Im going to call her done.
2.5 * 3.5 inch
Hope you enjoyed this mini demo

Friday, November 4, 2011

Namibian Girl - Artist Trading Card

How can you tell when the Holiday season has started??? By the amount of guests in your home. ;) LOL Another set has gone and just enough time to get sheets washed and put back on before the next set of guests arrive. I think I will need to fit in a NAP sometime in there. This is one I finished at 4am but have been waiting for the snow to clear before I could get a good picture. It is an ACEO 2.5 * 3.5 inch watercolor on 140lb CP paper. Hope you enjoy. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Swaddled Baby - ACEO

Good morning everyone.
A new little art card i just finished up. I just love little chunky babies - yes I am a cheek pincher ;) lol so when i saw this little man I couldn't resist.
Hope you enjoy

Friday, August 26, 2011

Renaissance Boy in Blue Hat - Watercolor ACEO

I must really like little boy's in blue as this is the second painting this week I have done with the same color pallette. :) I really love the renaissance feel to this painting, which I seem to be doing a lot of lately. Other examples can be found here and here

Boy in Blue Hat ****Artist Trading Card***
2.5 * 3.5 inch
Watercolor on 140lb CP paper
Hope you enjoy

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Little Boy Blue - A day at grandma's house

This was my serious project for the week. My little boy blue checking out the tadpoles at grandma's. It was quite a chilld day and from his vantage point he could still see the little fishes and baby frogs and didnt mind just exploring this new world.:D
6 * 7 inch watercolor on 140lb CP paper
Hope you enjoy

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Basket Carrier - African Girl Watercolor

A small painting of a little African girl carrying a basket back from the market. This painting was done in a limited pallet with the addition of some cooler yellows for the clothing.
4 * 5.5 inch
Watercolor on 140lb CP Strathmore paper

Friday, July 22, 2011

Childrens' watercolor Portraits- Hatian Hider and Baby Wonder

Been working on a few small childrens' portraits in watercolor. Children are so full of character and innocents and are such a joy to paint. Both paintings are were done in a limited pallet using 3 to 4 colors and just letting the layers of color and value brings these babies to life. Hope you enjoy these.
Haitian Hider
5.5 * 6.5 in
watercolor on 140lb CP arches

Baby Wonder
4.5 * 5.5 inch
Watercolor on 140lb CP Strathmore

Friday, April 1, 2011

Sewing For Baby Swaddler and Reversible Bibs

So the past 2 weeks have all been about SPRING. Dont you just Love that word. :D I have got my seeds that I can get started now up and growing. Yesterday I planted a bunch more herbs and bedding out plants. The greenhouse (more of a lean-to) design has been finalized by the man of the house. ;) Working for a lumber yard has its privlages. :) My wonderful husband has also started on my new raised garden bed boxes and 2 planters made from recycled pallets. Ill post pics when they are planted up.
On top of the smell of dirt in the house I also have bits and pieces of fabric laying around. My BFF is expecting again and being a mom of 4, I think I have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesnt. So when I came across this pattern for a baby swaddler from Craft Gossip I just couldnt resist. There is Nothing better than being able to have 2 minutes to breathe when the babies are little. So can you imagine not having to burrito wrap every 2 minutes because the little one has kicked its self free. Whoo Hoo. Up until yesterday they didnt want to find out what baby was so everything I made had to be gender neutral. So going through my fabric bins I came across this wonderfully bright animal print and the lining is a cream light weight micro fleece. I had just enough fabric for this project, thankfully. LOL I used cabbage baby as my model because I think my own "baby- he will be 2 this month" would get a little upset if I tried to stuff him into this. Plus cabbage baby is aprox the same size a 6.5lb 18 inch long baby. LOL
And while I was digging through my bins I thought I would make a few extra large reversible bibs. These are denim (very absorbant and durable) and printed cotton (hides stains better). The fish were my 3 year olds idea. The cut out from the neck looked like a fish, so we machine appliqued it on leaving a 1/8 inch allowance around the outside. I then frayed the edge (love the dimensional effect) and added some hand embroidery for the eyes.
Anyways I should get my day started. It is going to be a busy month with a baby shower, Easter, and a 2 year old's birthday to plan. So until next time. Happy Creating!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Nambia Girl ACEO

I haven't done a watercolor portrait in a few months so I thought I would stick with the mini theme I have been dabbling with and try out an artist trading card format 2.5 * 3.5 inch for this little girl. Hope you enjoy :)
Watercolor on 140lb CP paper

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hanging out Watercolor Portrait Tutorial

Another painting started .. i just love the expression on this teens face.. it represents that genre very well.(man i sound old all of a sudden) LOL Anyways just a simple pallette Skin tones - raw sienna, alizarin crimson, and ultramarine blue. Work slow .. develop your warms .. thin washes wet on wet and **let dry in between***
When you are waiting for the initial skin tones to dry move onto another area that does NOT touch and adjacent area that you have worked on.
For the jacket I used just a simple wash of UMB and Burnt Sienna. Cobalt blue for a bounce of stronger color in the white shadows.

Keep developing your skin tones. dampen a small area at a time, drop in your color and walk away.
For the hat I used a light wash of perm. rose.. dry and then cobalt blue. Enhance the shadows and the stiching on the hat with a mix alizarin crimson and UMB that you have been using on the face. This will help to tie everythig together. I also used perm rose and cobalt underwashes on the shirt and banding.
I am really loving the skin tones in this one. They are almost flawless.. Something I have been striving to do since I started painting in watercolor. :) I started the hair working wet on dry with seperate mixes of burnt sienna and van dyke brown. Careful not to cover all your underpainting. It gives the impression of sparkle and light. Pop in some darks using the UMB and alizarin crimson mix that u have been using in his face.

A bit more progress made on the jacket. I will be fixing the uneven shadow wash on the left side of the collar and adding some more texture and detailing on the jacket. I have added in his eyebrows using vandyke brown and your purple mixture from the previous steps and adjusted his right eye, it was looking a little big. Thinking i may want to reevaluate the background. In the photo he is shown in front of a chain link fence. I just love the way he is turning out and I dont want him to be competing with the background so I am thinking of just a dark green/grey soft foliage background.

A quick update after the first background wash has been applied. I still have about 10 washes and a color adjustment to go in order to get the depth that I want, but it is the impression I was going for. The green/blue background really makes his face glow. I usually dont use masking fluid but i had to make an exception for this one because i really didnt want to be trying to paint around the hair. I hope that when i peel it away it will come off nicely without having to many touch ups to do.
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Whoopie. I am sooo excited by this piece.
Would love to hear what you think. :)

Happy Painting

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How to draw demo- Horse and Rider in Pencil

Well it is finally done - thank heavens! And over the next few days I will be posting what I have been working on over the past 2 months. This is a double portrait- kinda - of my second cousin and her favorite pony out in the field. This was NOT the easiest piece I have ever done and it was definatly a challenge going from color to black and white again. On with the show. Stage 1 is the line drawing and the most important of all stages. Careful planning at this stage will guide you through the rest of the process with ease. Remember every line is an opportunity for a value change so plan.. plan.. plan. Hope you can see these first 2 steps

Now its all relative.. LOL ;) I tend to bounce around allot when i work because 1. I get bored easy. 2. I tend to see how one area works against another. If you see in this stage I have started placing some of my darkest darks - the lightest lights will be the paper itself. Any other value that i put in will be in between these 2.

So far there is about 40 hours into this and there is still so much left to do. A little work done on her jeans and boots. I am only going to be using only a hb, 3b and 6b for the main sections and a hb mechanical pencil for the fine detailing. I am also going to leave the background until the very last as I don't want to muddy the piece.
Had to darken my darks a bit more and have worked on her pants. The bottom of this piece will be faded into the ground brush so i just need to go part way down her boots and the horses leg. When i am working on her pony I am constantly thinking about the direction of the hair. This is not a highly detailed piece, relying more on tonal values, but the direction you place you pencil strokes will be visible when the final piece is viewed.
Well the more I get into this piece the more comfortable I am getting with it. Going bold with my strokes and filling in areas without looking at the references. I didn't realize how much she looks like her Mommy until I really started sketching. I kinda panicked when I was asked to do this piece - not only is it a person that should look like the person when it's done but it is also a female teenaged family member and we all know how precious they can be at this age. :)
You can see now that the horses eye is done, the muzzle of the horse looked really off at this stage, but i came to realize that it was because the upper part had shading and the lower part didnt, which was disconnecting the eye.
With Easter I dint get a chance to get any posting done so I am going to upload 2 today. Now this piece is really starting to come together and fall apart all at the same time. I dont know if you can tell but i now have a jelly stain on the WHITE rock. I almost lost it. Had to put it away for a few days and figure out what my next course of action would be. I have 2 months invested and I really dont want to have to start all over again.
Well I can pretty much call Bailey and her pony done until final adjustments are made after the background is put in. I still haven't dealt with the jelly stain. Ill get to that in the next installment.
Morning all. Stage 9 and a few things have come up. I tend to send WIP's to my clients as I am working. Well I sent a progress shot after 8 and I got an email back with the "she's floating in midair" so I brought in some toning to the background and it seemed to bring Bay back down to earth as well as made her pony recede. This client didn't want allot of background detailing - Thank Heavens!! Now that the background is toned there is no avoiding it any longer, the jelly spot really pops. The paper I am working with is a smooth Bristol this type of paper Doesn't lend themselves very well so water or scrubbing. so i had to be very careful. Q-tip and water very gently got up the crusty part and after that dried I used a little sandpaper to smooth out the edges. When I post the Big Finale tomorrow you will be able to see how it just disappears into the picture. Until then..
Happy Painting!
Well here it is finally finished. You will see that the jelly stain has disappeared under some faint scuffs of color to indicate the dry brush out in the field. Like I said it couldn't have happened in a better place. :) The client was very happy with it, but the 15 year old girls reaction was "It looks like i'm frowning" hmmm.. teenagers! LOL
I also wanted to post a picture of the first published portrait that I ever did 15 years ago. Just to show what a little patience and practice can achieve. I still cant believe they ever accepted this for a magazine. EEK!
Happy Creating.