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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Crochet Spiderman inspired character hat

Isn't this crocheted "Spiderman" inspired hat the cutest? If my little man could wear this hat day and night he would, he loves it that much. :D I found the pattern here spiderweb hat (free pattern) made some adjustments to the size and edging, added some eyes and instantly I gain super hero status in my kids' eyes.  This is a really nice thick hat, with a raised stitch. Leave the eyes off and it is still a very nice hat for older boys or girls too.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Crocheted Lalaloopsy inspired character hats

Thank you Pinterest and all of you that contribute to it. I always feel like a kid in a candy shop when I visit this sight. I was already a crafty person dabbling in many interests, but this site has really given me the opportunity to explore areas that I would have never thought of before, like crochet. Never been formally taught to read a pattern or follow a chart, I did manage to struggle through a few scarfs and a Barbie blanket or But since I joined this wonderful site I've learned so much and can sit down and follow both a pattern and a chart with no problems. So this year for all the kids in my life I made them hats. I know you are asking what kid wants a hat for Christmas. Well now I am having a hard time getting them to remove them as they think they are cats meow!  :)

This first one is the "lalaloopsy" inspired doll hat.  SOOOO Cute. I just winged this, as it is really quite straight forward. Basic beanie (I stopped at row 8 and switched colors) This is the beanie pattern i used., 2 small circles, and a couple of curly cues.  Hand sew the mouth, eye lashes, cheeks and button eyes. The stitch in your curly cues (done at row 3).

The younger girls love them. Stay tuned! Next I will be posting the "Spiderman" Hat. The boys freaked out over these. :)

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