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Friday, May 18, 2012

A new concrete planter head for the garden Instructions

It has a long month away from doing anything creative. I lost my grandpa :( , my baby boy turned 3,  went in for my first surgery, kids started soccer and gardening season has started :D  Well after getting all of that sorted out and my gardens off and planted I was looking out at the Moai statue I did last year, I figured he needed someone to hang out with after the lights go out at night.  So I whipped this guy up. Now off to the garden center while this guy dries. :D Hope you enjoy
First grab your supplies

Wrap with Chicken wire

Attach armature

Start slathering on the concrete, keep adding until it has covered all wire and plugged all bare spots

Ta Da!!! Now let him cure for the reccommended time, Pull out your paints and go a little crazy. Plant it up with what ever you want. Add water and sunshine and see what happens. :)