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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My DIY Wedding invites, bouquet and cake

Just thought I would post a few pictures of my latest endevour - Our Wedding "on a budget". If you have ever tried to price out the cost of getting married. You would know the that it is ridicously expensive. So with a budget of 2000 and my own hands here are some examples of what can be accomplished with the help of your local Dollar store. I had and idea of where I wanted to go with this wedding but color choces were pretty much left up to what I could find on sale. Colors ended up being Teal and Black

1. Invitations - Being a craft person, I did utilize some basics that I always have on hand: glue, white copy paper, Scissors. I did have to go out and purchase Card stock, ribbon, and a rubber stamp.
1. Get a piece of White card stock and stamp your image that you will be using for the front cover
2. I found the image for the invitations for free off the internet printed them off on a sheet of 8.5 * 11 Copy paper. This will give you a guide line on how large you want your programs to be.
3.The wording once cut out measured 5*7 take this measurement double it and add 1 inch all the way around. Cut your Black card stock to size. Do Not discard paper scraps!!!
4. Use the black card stock measurements to cut your white card stock for the body of the card.
5. Time to pull out the stamp work you originally did and cut these down to the size you want to use for the front of your card. Back this with a scrap piece of black card stock.
6. Cut the ribbon long enough so that to can be rolled over the card- dont worry about getting it exact as it will be hidden by the card stock.
7. Time to assemble Lay the printable on the black cardstock glue down. Fold and affix the ribbon to the left side on the top only. Glue the white card stock to the black card stock leaving a space at the botton - as you will have to lay the ribbon over the cover once assembled. Attach the stamp decor to the front, Roll over the ribbon and tuck it under the black card stock and glue. I also added return RSVP cards envelopes on the inside cover.

Gift Tags were treated in much the same way. A Sheet of blank business cards printed with out wedding information and affixed to a piece of the scrap Black card stock, and stamped. These were affixed to a ribbon and tied around my Home-made Salsa.

Our bouquets and boutounierres were made from a feather boa,floral pics, floral tape. wire, gems and ribbon.
Take lengths of wire aprox 12-18 inches if you mix the sizes up it looks alot better. I used aprox 30 for the bridal bouquet and 15 for the Matron of honor bouquet. Wrap wire around the bead and tack with a dab of hot glue. Cut feather boa in lengths of aprox 5 inches, fold in half and wrap floral pic wire around ends. Line up the ends of the wire and start wrapping the boa pics and crystaled wire together up by the top of the bouquet. When complete, fold up the wire at the bottom and wrap a pretty ribbon to hide all the imperfections.
I also made our wedding cake. Please take into consideration that I have never done a tiered cake nor a cake with fondant. A little off center but overall dont think it turned out to bad. :)