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Monday, August 15, 2011

Chimpanzee in pencil - mini demo

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I put together this mini demo on how I work in pencil to achieve the different textures on this monkey drawing. 5 * 7 inch chimpanzee in graphite on copy paper aprox 4 hours. I wish I would have done him on better paper, but i have stuck him in a frame and he hangs proudly on my wall. :)
Start with a basic line drawing blocking on major shapes and patterns.
Work around your subject comparing one area against the next, varying your pencil strokes to represent the changes in textures you are drawing. The hair would be done in long, wispy strokes and the face would be done in more of a confined circular stroke, avoiding harsh lines but varying value.
Final touches are then added and or subtracted from your subject.