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Tree Frog - ACEO

Well after a month of continous visitors I am hoping things will start to clam down around here and I can get back to some serious work. :) This is a little tree frog ACEO I managed to fit in this week. He measures 2.5 * 3.5 in and is created using watercolor on 140lb CP Arches paper. Hope you enjoy.


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DIY Crayon costume for Halloween

Halloween is my favorite time of year. We spend weeks getting our yard and home decorated all for the night when the little ghosts and goblins come out to play. ;) B started school this year and within her school, they don't do a Halloween per say, they have an orange and black day. So in order to kill 2 birds with one stone, we decided that she is going to be an orange crayon. So with an old t-shirt and a little black felt fabric, this is what I came up with. I think it turned out Awesome! And the best part is that it was a no-sew project.

Supplies needed: 
1 t-shirt in the size required.
1 box of orange fabric dye (because they didn't' have any orange t-shirts in her size)
1 wooden spoon
1 large container for dying
remnant black fabric. I used black felt because that is what I had on hand.
1 pattern for the Crayola font - I used this one Crayola pattern and made the size adjustments accordingly when I was printing it out. For the crayon label banding, I just winged it.

Cranbrook Community Forest

Some big changes have happened to my family through the holiday, I was offered an incredible position in the location were we vacation. But this move involves leaving my husband and kids behind until the house sells. #stressful Thankfully I am able to get home regularly. So without the chaos of family life I have had a lot of quiet time on my hands, so to fill my time I try and get out hiking as much as possible.  This community offers plenty of trails in town and even more within a short drive. The Community Forest is an amazing place to go for a walk, offering plenty of trails to discover. Yesterday while I was out I took the opportunity to snap a few shots for my reference library and thought I would share. Hope you enjoy.

Pottery Barn/ Bower Power Inspired Santa Painting

Christmas - My second favorite time of the year. Every year we try and add some homemade decorations and after perusing Pinterest I saw this awesome image of Santa and just fell in love with it. Pottery Barn did theirs in silver glitter and Bower Power did theirs in red glitter. Hmmm. 2 young children and a bowl full of glitter is just asking for problems so I did his image in the traditional red and white. I love how he turned out and a wonderful addition to our Christmas decor. He is quite large measuring 2ft * 2ft on a 2inch gallery stretched canvas. Hope you enjoy