Thursday, June 3, 2010

Window Shopping - Cityscape in Watercolor Tutorial

3.5 * 5.75 inch
Inspired by this miniature painting I did of this street scene I thought I would tackle a 1/2 sheet version. Starting with the largest color masses I started to block in some local color, deepened the shadow side of the pillars and places the first wash of neutrals in the middle line of windows. and this is where I am right now.

Popped in some more color in to the 2 remaining flags, some reflective shapes in the main cars window and added a little crimson to indicate where my darkest darks will be on the cars. This serves a 2 fold purpose. It will serve as a mapping system if my pencil lines get smudged, it also gives we a constant under painting color, which will add continuity once the subsequent glazes are applied.

The rich darks are starting to get placed now. Keep in mind that this is just the initial glazes. It will become allot darker in the future.
A little more work done on the foreground shadows and the reflections have been started on the cars. The reflections are done by careful color blocking. In the original mini version I could get away with just the suggestion of reflections but in the larger version I have to be very careful with the main dark car. It is very easy to loose your way with so many color shifts, so go slow. I have also gone back to the top to adjust the reflective color on the blue flag stands as they were reading to vibrant for a reflection.
Oh BTW did you notice a few of the figures have been started. Not the carrot people I could get away with in the little version but still not a detailed version of people either.

Hi all. Its been a while because of a family emergency that has taken me away for almost 2 months now. :) But im back now and hopefully can get on track again.
This is the latest installment of Window Shopping. A bunch of work has been done on the middle ground windows and the main cars' reflection. A few more figures have also been added to the foreground.

Wow am I ever falling behind. Summer is such a hectic time of year and now fall and harvest is almost upon us. Where does the time go? Anyways found a few minutes to get an update in. Into the final stretch with this piece. (It is allot more intricate then I first gave it credit for.)I have a little finishing to do on the boxes and some picking out of highlights on the flags' stitching. and blending in the cast shadow and the tires into the pavement. I am a little disappointed by the way the main level windows turned out- a little to blue for my liking, but it sure makes the orange pillars pop. The figures are coming along well, enough detail to show what they are and what they are doing without overstating them.

9* 12in watercolor on 200lb curry's paper  SOLD
WOOO HOOO! Its finally done! There is so much intricate work in this piece I thought I would never finish it.