Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hanging out Watercolor Portrait Tutorial

Another painting started .. i just love the expression on this teens face.. it represents that genre very well.(man i sound old all of a sudden) LOL Anyways just a simple pallette Skin tones - raw sienna, alizarin crimson, and ultramarine blue. Work slow .. develop your warms .. thin washes wet on wet and **let dry in between***
When you are waiting for the initial skin tones to dry move onto another area that does NOT touch and adjacent area that you have worked on.
For the jacket I used just a simple wash of UMB and Burnt Sienna. Cobalt blue for a bounce of stronger color in the white shadows.

Keep developing your skin tones. dampen a small area at a time, drop in your color and walk away.
For the hat I used a light wash of perm. rose.. dry and then cobalt blue. Enhance the shadows and the stiching on the hat with a mix alizarin crimson and UMB that you have been using on the face. This will help to tie everythig together. I also used perm rose and cobalt underwashes on the shirt and banding.
I am really loving the skin tones in this one. They are almost flawless.. Something I have been striving to do since I started painting in watercolor. :) I started the hair working wet on dry with seperate mixes of burnt sienna and van dyke brown. Careful not to cover all your underpainting. It gives the impression of sparkle and light. Pop in some darks using the UMB and alizarin crimson mix that u have been using in his face.

A bit more progress made on the jacket. I will be fixing the uneven shadow wash on the left side of the collar and adding some more texture and detailing on the jacket. I have added in his eyebrows using vandyke brown and your purple mixture from the previous steps and adjusted his right eye, it was looking a little big. Thinking i may want to reevaluate the background. In the photo he is shown in front of a chain link fence. I just love the way he is turning out and I dont want him to be competing with the background so I am thinking of just a dark green/grey soft foliage background.

A quick update after the first background wash has been applied. I still have about 10 washes and a color adjustment to go in order to get the depth that I want, but it is the impression I was going for. The green/blue background really makes his face glow. I usually dont use masking fluid but i had to make an exception for this one because i really didnt want to be trying to paint around the hair. I hope that when i peel it away it will come off nicely without having to many touch ups to do.
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Whoopie. I am sooo excited by this piece.
Would love to hear what you think. :)

Happy Painting