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Monday, May 31, 2010

Succulent textures- Watercolor Cactus painting step by step

Hi everyone,
Its been a bit since I posted last. Been kinda down dealing with all the snow we have been getting. From 25 to -2 and blizzard conditions in 24 hours. EEk. But my garden survived and is thriving.. now i just want the sun to peek out again.
Anyways, here is a small painting I did for the WDE over at wetcanvas.

I was drawn to this photo for the twisting winding shapes and the textures on the yellow bulbous masses. Now to try and capture that. After I drew out the general shapes and masked out the yellow bulbs I started an under painting with some gambouge for the sunshine and turquoise for the shadows with a little rose madder thrown in for good measure. ;)

Next I came back with glazes of sap green for overall continuity. And some more glazes of turquoise and gamouge.. making sure the layers are dry.
After the masking was remove I came back in and stippled in some lemon yellow, gambouge, lt red and orange. ** special note, take care not to cover the entire white space with the bulb color, this will lend itself to a tiny highlight adding another dimension. It looked a little flat so after all was dried I took some turquoise and sap green and added just the slightest cast shadow under each bulb. Also I had to go back in with some shadow color and take away some of the yellowness from the bulbs in shadow.

And whoola here you have it.
Aprox 3.75in * 5.25in
Till next time
Happy Painting!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

"Lad" Border Collie in the Country Garden - Pencil Demo

Hi everyone. Well summer is quickly moving in in this neck of the woods so I have been busy digging my garden beds and planting some vedgies. I already have onions, radishes, spinach, carrots and beets coming up. :) As well I have been busy with getting 3 back to back commission pieces - in pencil. Kinda funny since I usually work in watercolors. hmmm. Thinking maybe I should rethink my focus. LOL Anyways this is my latest. It is a picture of "Lad" a border collie with a wonderful story behind him. In the reference picture one of Lad's eyes was closed - so I opened it up and added a stick in the foreground - I guess he is a fetcher. :) Working with black fur is not easy. Even though it looks black there are 3-4 values within those darks.

Good morning. :) So in this installment the fur is starting to "fluff" up and you can start to see the many shadows involved in the underside of the puppy. Also the woodwork is starting to get some texture in it. I am also going to be going back in and adjust his eyes a bit they seem to be a little harsh right now. So far I have only used f, h, hb mech and 2b mech. In the next installment I am going to be popping in some deep darks probably with my 6b. (This would be a good time for me to find my handy value scale to see exactly how dark I can go.)
I dont know if this piece is more a work of pencils or erasers.

It was all about the woodwork yesterday, focusing most of my attention on the wagon wheel and the fence posts. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now, a little work to do on softening lad's fur and adding a little spotty grass to fill in some of the empty space but it is really starting to sing now. :)
9 * 11.75
Graphite on #300 series Bristol

Got a little carried away with the grass got into the zone and one blade turned into 2 and... well you know. ;) But I dont think it is overworked - it just adds another texture into this drawing. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How to draw demo- Horse and Rider in Pencil

Well it is finally done - thank heavens! And over the next few days I will be posting what I have been working on over the past 2 months. This is a double portrait- kinda - of my second cousin and her favorite pony out in the field. This was NOT the easiest piece I have ever done and it was definatly a challenge going from color to black and white again. On with the show. Stage 1 is the line drawing and the most important of all stages. Careful planning at this stage will guide you through the rest of the process with ease. Remember every line is an opportunity for a value change so plan.. plan.. plan. Hope you can see these first 2 steps

Now its all relative.. LOL ;) I tend to bounce around allot when i work because 1. I get bored easy. 2. I tend to see how one area works against another. If you see in this stage I have started placing some of my darkest darks - the lightest lights will be the paper itself. Any other value that i put in will be in between these 2.

So far there is about 40 hours into this and there is still so much left to do. A little work done on her jeans and boots. I am only going to be using only a hb, 3b and 6b for the main sections and a hb mechanical pencil for the fine detailing. I am also going to leave the background until the very last as I don't want to muddy the piece.
Had to darken my darks a bit more and have worked on her pants. The bottom of this piece will be faded into the ground brush so i just need to go part way down her boots and the horses leg. When i am working on her pony I am constantly thinking about the direction of the hair. This is not a highly detailed piece, relying more on tonal values, but the direction you place you pencil strokes will be visible when the final piece is viewed.
Well the more I get into this piece the more comfortable I am getting with it. Going bold with my strokes and filling in areas without looking at the references. I didn't realize how much she looks like her Mommy until I really started sketching. I kinda panicked when I was asked to do this piece - not only is it a person that should look like the person when it's done but it is also a female teenaged family member and we all know how precious they can be at this age. :)
You can see now that the horses eye is done, the muzzle of the horse looked really off at this stage, but i came to realize that it was because the upper part had shading and the lower part didnt, which was disconnecting the eye.
With Easter I dint get a chance to get any posting done so I am going to upload 2 today. Now this piece is really starting to come together and fall apart all at the same time. I dont know if you can tell but i now have a jelly stain on the WHITE rock. I almost lost it. Had to put it away for a few days and figure out what my next course of action would be. I have 2 months invested and I really dont want to have to start all over again.
Well I can pretty much call Bailey and her pony done until final adjustments are made after the background is put in. I still haven't dealt with the jelly stain. Ill get to that in the next installment.
Morning all. Stage 9 and a few things have come up. I tend to send WIP's to my clients as I am working. Well I sent a progress shot after 8 and I got an email back with the "she's floating in midair" so I brought in some toning to the background and it seemed to bring Bay back down to earth as well as made her pony recede. This client didn't want allot of background detailing - Thank Heavens!! Now that the background is toned there is no avoiding it any longer, the jelly spot really pops. The paper I am working with is a smooth Bristol this type of paper Doesn't lend themselves very well so water or scrubbing. so i had to be very careful. Q-tip and water very gently got up the crusty part and after that dried I used a little sandpaper to smooth out the edges. When I post the Big Finale tomorrow you will be able to see how it just disappears into the picture. Until then..
Happy Painting!
Well here it is finally finished. You will see that the jelly stain has disappeared under some faint scuffs of color to indicate the dry brush out in the field. Like I said it couldn't have happened in a better place. :) The client was very happy with it, but the 15 year old girls reaction was "It looks like i'm frowning" hmmm.. teenagers! LOL
I also wanted to post a picture of the first published portrait that I ever did 15 years ago. Just to show what a little patience and practice can achieve. I still cant believe they ever accepted this for a magazine. EEK!
Happy Creating.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Xander Watercolor Portrait Tutorial

HI all,
I would like to introduce you to my youngest boy - i couldnt resist trying to capture the toothless grin that he is famous for.
This started out ok with the line drawing and the diox purple underpainting - but now it has got to the ugly stage and i am forcing myself to work through it. His skin tones were painted using rose madder and yellow ochre. Way to yellow for him so i am going to add a layer or 2 of perm rose just to try and tone it out a bit. If there are any portrait artists out there I could really use some help trying to correct these issues.

The next installment of Xander is here. It is starting to pop, I started this session by masking out his eyes and a few highlights in his hair before i proceeded to start adding a large wash of his skin tones focusing on transitions between the yellows and reds. After a few layers to build up tone, I went back in with a very light wash of cobalt blue and started "carving out" some shadows. Still looking pretty ugly at this stage but I can see how it will all come together very soon.

Special note ** purple underpaiting is not the most suitable for infant portraits as it is very hard to neutralize. Im probably going to go alot darker then intended once all is said and done, but this is for my own personal collection so ill have to live with it. ;) This installment consisted of adding a whole lot more perm rose in the transition area where his face is just starting to turn into shadow. and a little more cobalt in the shadows to try and cool the tones a little.

What a difference a glaze can make. I wasnt pleased with the brightness of the purple so i went in with a bold wash of hookers green deep which greyed everything out on that side. I still have some blending to do around his chin area to try and get rid of the harsh shadow. Also I have removed the mask and i can now see wher i have to add some color to blend and soften some features. As well I have to go back in and do a whole lot of work on his eyes.

Stage 12 and ive had to improvise on his hair a little - as he has just the slightest peach fuzz on his head at this age- no eye lashes and no eye brows so in order to soften his big melon ive added a varied combination of raw sienna, burnt umber and a little violet;) . Also ive worked a bit more on adjusting his skin tones in soft thin layers of color. But the biggest difference you will notice is the start to the addition of some texture in the background. This is now starting to "sing". The masking is still on the right side and will be working on the left side in the next installment
Image size 11.5" * 11.5"
Watercolor on 140lb CP

Yeah I am finally done.. and I am happy enough with it that it is in a frame and hanging proudly on my wall. :) LOL

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Triad watercolor study One painting 3 Ways

In this mini demo, I decided to test out some colors from the bottom of the paint tub. Using 3 colors 1 red, 1 yellow, and 1 blue and all the mixes that fall in between, no reference and painted with my left hand( I a righty) These quick 15 min studies show how color really influence the overall feel of a painting.
From top to bottom RED- perm rose BLUE - Phalo and YELLOW- lemon all of these colors are quite cool in temp and very staining. Feels like late day - very hazy not a bad little color study
Painting 2 RED - Crimson BLUE- turquoise YELLOW- Cad Med- Feels like mid day storm approaching. Dont like the painting its self and if i was to do another one i would add more contrast in the sky, reserving some whites while adding more yellow-orange. Also would strengthen the RED - VanDyke YELLOW- Burnt Sienna Ans BLUE- Ultramarine Really love this painting-stong contrast, which makes it feel moody. Gives a definate time of day, and the composition isnt to bad either.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

March of the clowns Watercolor tutorial

Well I have been meaning to paint this for a while now, as you can see it is a little intimidting. In this watercolor demo I started with a detailed line drawing and then started bouncing around adding some local color to the clown faces with a wash of yellow ochre and cad red. After that dries i start placing some shadows using a thin wash of cobalt. The darks of the eyes are a mix of cad red, hunter green deep and paynes grey.
Worked a little on the upper portion of the painting today. Really like the oranges against the blue. Just makes that litle portion sing. This painting reminds me of "paint by number" and with all the little variations i almost have to treat it that way.
Day 4 and aprox 15 hours into it.. hmm i may be able to get this done by the end of the year. ;) This time around i worked a little adding my oranges (grumbacher red and gamboge) deeper values were made by adding a little burnt sienna. This will be heightened even more later on in the painting when i get the majority covered and the i will go back in and tweak a little. Also notice that i have to go back in and readjust my one clowns face in the back left. it seems to be a little flat. The hat's highlights were added and will be blended into the main color in subsequent washes.

Had to take a break from all these small shapes for a bit- fractured the wrist in our first winter storm :( So I will move on to some mass blocking in of the oranges/reds. Grumbacher Red + Raw Sienna and Grumbacher Red +gamboge and Grumbacher Red and Burnt Sienna washes. The oranges and the dark hats will eventually calm and unify the painting. Right now it looks very busy and the clowns are very flat.
Little more color and definition added to the left side of the painting. Added some of the brown tones with a mix of burnt umber, Burnt Sienna and Diox Violet. Added the rounded belly clowns main dress suit and more definition to the darks. Think my next stage will be to add the hats.

a little work on the hats today. The main washes to the hats are paynes grey and Phalo blue as you work back in the piece there is a little orange added just to grey it down. The closer the image the more in focus and the brighter colors used - the farther the image is away the blurrier and greyer it is. You can see now that the piece is starting to unify with the additions of the hats. There is so much going on in this painting that the eyes need a rest and that is what the hats and oranges do in this piece.
These hats are the bane of my existance.. :( They are shiny and it is taking many layers of paint and a whole lot of scrubbing back to get it to this point and I still have so much left in order to get the soft transition of color. Notice all the holes in the hats. I am going to be adding them seperatly. The only hat I am almost comfortable with at this time is the large one up front, and even that one could use a little tweaking. Also adding a few more shapes and patterns, getting the pieces all connected.
Not alot of time to work on this lately with Christmas coming up. The only time I get to paint is between 3 and 6 am - i have a baby who is a non-sleeper. So with that being said I added a few brown tones and deepened a few shadows. Hopefully I can get another installment in before Christmas but if I dont Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. :)
The 8th installment of this piece, slowly but surely coming together. Working my way across from left to right, adjusting tones, shades and values as I go. It is starting to pop now - but I still have along way to go. Any questions please feel free to ask.

March of the clowns
6.5" * 8.25"
$220 USD Matted and unframed

Yeah the clouds have parted and the light has shone! It is finally done!!!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

How to paint a Butterfly on a Flower - Free watercolor Demo

First of all I would like to apologize for this being a little backwards :( Wedding in 4 days and not alot of time to fix this. But I hope you can follow along. Pretty happy with the way this has come along time to put in the final details and darks in the wings.. sign it and call it a day.
please excuse the photography,the last image is the only one i take the time to try to get as close to real colors as possible. Working on the front wing you will notice that it is slightly brighter and rosier - a few washes of perm rose maybe one of cobalt in the center followed by a few more of perm rose finish off by a few of raw sienna and add some glow with a little lemon yellow. I save lemon yellow and any cads until the last - they dont seem to play well with others. ;)
going to go back now and fix that horribly bright background using a fairlay rick mix of paynes grey, this is quite transparent so all those pretty colors you mimicked in your background will still show through. Now doesnt that just make all the difference.. use the same light wash to tone done the stem. this will fuzz it out and blend it into the background. Off to the stem- now this was poor planning on my part. i should have wet the stem when i dropped in the background just so that i wouldnt have had to crop so much off the bottom - oh well - thats how we learn ;) First start with a light wash of raw sienna, then using a very diluted mix of diox violet put in your shadows the mixes of raw sienna and cobalt, maybe a little hunter green deep -- its all up to you. How bout mixing it up a bit and dropping in a little orange. Looking closely at the petals you will see there is hints of sap green in some of the petals and about 10 layers of color.

This is the big bad scary part to me - the darkest deepest part of this painting.. So i wet the entire area and just drop in the same colors i have used in the painting. hunter green deep (against the purples in the flowers) perm rose against what will be the the green stem... see where im going with this ;) You may be saying WOW tha is one bright background **but wait that will be rectified later on :)
Still bouncing all over adjusting values with thin transparent layers of color. making sure once again to have this dry between layers.
Getting a little lost on the values so I am going to pop in some real dark darks, I use a mix of cad red, deep hunter green, and diox violet, i only apply to the back wing, because in subsequent layers this will blur out giving the appearance of being behind the other wing.
I tend to bounce around alot establishing lights against darks, tones, and hues. I tend to paint a lot more tighter then most. Thinking in shapes and shadows rather then what i am actually painitng. The colors for the butterfly are raw sienna, indian yellow, yellow ochre, raw umber, burnt sienna perm rose and cobalt blue. Work slowly, in thin layers, step back go for a coffee, dont touch until dry. :)
Now that that is out of the way we can start painting. For the flower i am using perm rose, diox violet, cobalt blue, sap green, cad red. Start with any petal you choose, wet, STOP wait for the shine to almost disappear and start dropping in a fairly juicy mix of perm rose and diox violet just one the edges - if you look closely you will see the left hand back petals are more violet on one side and more rosier on the other.
First I would like to thank Miss Mouse of The wetcanvas ril for supplying such a beautiful image to work with. Lets start with the line drawing - i do cheat now that my husband bought me a projector. ;) but use any method you like to get to this stage. Make sure you pay close attention to where the shadows fall and where your brightest highlights are.
Hi everyone,
I would like to share this Paint-along to show the progression on how i got to the finished piece

Golden Wings
10" * 14"
Watercolor on 140 lb Rag
For Sale $200 USD
Matted and mounted