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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Deer Head Applique Pillow

We have seen these deer head pillows everywhere, so I though while we are recovering from the flu, sitting around watching the CFL football semi finals, I thought I would try my hand at this project. I used micro suede and flannel scraps for this project, which makes it very cuddly as well. Yes "Multi tasker" is my middle name LOL
There are alot of patterns on the web for deer head printables, this is the one I chose. 

Copy your pattern to the wrong side of your applique fabric and iron down according to the instructions, then cut out the shape.

Remove the paper backing and position the pattern on your cover piece of fabric and iron down.

Select a narrow, close set, zig zag stitch and slowly work your way around the pattern. Remember always leave needle down when turning around a corner.  Pin and sew on the back panels, with a straight stitch and then zig zag for stability. Clip your corners, flip right side out and poke out your corner. Insert your pillow form. Sit back and listen to your guests ooohhh and ahhhhhh. :) Every pillow is different but these are some of the standard measurements for cutting your pattern pieces for the envelope pillow.

Pillow form 14 x 14
(1) 15×15
(1) 15×10
(1) 15×11
Pillow form 15×15
(1) 16×16
(1) 16×11
(1) 16×12
Pillow form 16×16
(1) 17×17
(1) 17×12
Pillow form 18×18
(1) 19×19
(1) 19×13
(1) 19×14
12×18 pillow form
(1) 13×19
(1) 9×19
(1) 8×19
27 x 27 pillow
(1) 28 x 28
(1) 28 x 19
(1) 28 x 17

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hanging towels DIY

After the holiday I have been lacking any type of motivation. It is like the longest turkey hangover...ever. LOl So to start the year off I decided to give my kitchen and bath a quick update with new towels. By taking a teatowel and a pattern I found here I came up with this cute little stove towel.  I did make a minor adjustment by adding a button hole instead of just the velcro closure - just testing to see which one will be added to my Christmas gift list for next year.. ;) Hope you enjoy. :)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Burlap and lace table runner Tutorial

I am not a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination but I can thread my machine and sew a straight line, which is exactly what is needed for this project. I already had the material and lace on hand so I didn't have to go out for anything, which was even better. Last year I bought 3 yards of this burlap for only 3.99 and the lace was a grocery bag full of assorted lengths and widths and colors for 2.00.. Trust me I was doing the Happy dance with that deal.  There are still alot of these supplies left over for any other projects that tickle my fancy.
This finished runner measures 13 * 64 inches.  So i cut my fabric 1/2 inch larger than my finished size, folded over 1/4 inch, iron then fold over again 1/4 inch iron. When you come to the corners all I did was clip the corner at a diagonal, to reduce the bulk and iron down and sew down with a simple straight stich.  Next pin your lace onto your fabric and sew down with a straight stich.
There are alot of variations on the web when it comes to trimming your piece. I chose to do a complete wrap but you could just add it to the ends or just to the sides. It is really up to you. :)
And in less than and hour you will have a beautiful addition to your dining room table.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tangled quilt block #6

This is the newest tangled quilt block.... only 2 more to go. Hope you enjoy.  

Saturday, October 29, 2011

An Old Fashion Country Christmas Dolls and Ornies

My to-do lists use to go about a week in advance - since I have went on the open market with my work I now have a 3 month in advance planner. :O And I am still running behind. LOL Company is coming in 3 days, Halloween in 2 and a Birthday party tomorrow I thought I would try and get some of my Christmas projects out of the way while I still had a chance. These are a few of my softies I have whipped up this week that are going to be part of our Holiday decor. Hope you enjoy.
First Prim doll
6 in tall Hand Embroidered

2 versions Saftey Pin and Bead Dolls 2-3 in tall

Santa Ornie - I love the way he turned out
11 inches tall Hand stiched

Quick Doll pin - My baby Girl Loves this and is now on her jacket :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Sewing For Baby Swaddler and Reversible Bibs

So the past 2 weeks have all been about SPRING. Dont you just Love that word. :D I have got my seeds that I can get started now up and growing. Yesterday I planted a bunch more herbs and bedding out plants. The greenhouse (more of a lean-to) design has been finalized by the man of the house. ;) Working for a lumber yard has its privlages. :) My wonderful husband has also started on my new raised garden bed boxes and 2 planters made from recycled pallets. Ill post pics when they are planted up.
On top of the smell of dirt in the house I also have bits and pieces of fabric laying around. My BFF is expecting again and being a mom of 4, I think I have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesnt. So when I came across this pattern for a baby swaddler from Craft Gossip I just couldnt resist. There is Nothing better than being able to have 2 minutes to breathe when the babies are little. So can you imagine not having to burrito wrap every 2 minutes because the little one has kicked its self free. Whoo Hoo. Up until yesterday they didnt want to find out what baby was so everything I made had to be gender neutral. So going through my fabric bins I came across this wonderfully bright animal print and the lining is a cream light weight micro fleece. I had just enough fabric for this project, thankfully. LOL I used cabbage baby as my model because I think my own "baby- he will be 2 this month" would get a little upset if I tried to stuff him into this. Plus cabbage baby is aprox the same size a 6.5lb 18 inch long baby. LOL
And while I was digging through my bins I thought I would make a few extra large reversible bibs. These are denim (very absorbant and durable) and printed cotton (hides stains better). The fish were my 3 year olds idea. The cut out from the neck looked like a fish, so we machine appliqued it on leaving a 1/8 inch allowance around the outside. I then frayed the edge (love the dimensional effect) and added some hand embroidery for the eyes.
Anyways I should get my day started. It is going to be a busy month with a baby shower, Easter, and a 2 year old's birthday to plan. So until next time. Happy Creating!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Embellished Heart Ornie/ Bowl Filler to sew

‎5 * 5 inch stuffed Love Pillow with metal and handstiched decorations
$8.00 includes shipping

‎5 * 5 inch stuffed Love Pillow with metal and handstiched decorations
$8.00 includes shipping

Finally finished something before the season hits.. Now thats a first .. usually I am little behind the 8 ball.. LOL .. But here are a few of my latest Valentine decorations. These beautiful one of a kind love pillows feature a decorative cotton on one side and a plain white cotton on that back side. They are embellished with lace and metal frames with hand stiched letters embedded in them.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Embellished Whimsical Shoe Ornament to sew

6.5 * 5 inch stuffed shoe ornament or add a scent of lavender or cinnamon so it can be added to your lingerie drawer or closet.
$15.00 for set of 2 includes shipping
6 * 4 inch Blue Boot with hand sewn sequins - finished on both sides.
$13.00 for set of 2 includes shipping
Yes I admit it.. i have a serious problem with focus.. I get bored easily. LOL :) So when this happens I will teach myself something new.. This month it will be sewing.. I cant believe I am actually saying that despite my traumatising grade 9 home-ec sewing class experiences. :D But my wonderful husband bought me a sewing machine - 2 years ago now - hehehe and it has only seen the light of day during our wedding and halloween - so I thought I would dust it off and see what I could put together.
Hope you enjoy!